How Vocademy Works:

We have brought High School Shop classes and technical classes, back plus a lot more information, skills, and training than what you would have gotten out of a High School Shop class. We offer more availability than college courses. We spend more time with hands on learning, as well as the ability to come in after you learn the tools and use them to get more practice and be more comfortable using the tools with membership. We are not an accredited school. We will still give you a certificate of completion for the SkillSet you choice to take. It’s as simple as checking our class schedule and taking the classes you want .

How we can help local companies:

We can train your employees to use equipment you may have in your facilities. We will try to make a plan to meet your needs in a relatively short time without impacting your work with our evening and weekend classes. We offer annual plans that can be transferred to different employees as you need (minimum 3 month per employee), free class hours per employee.

How we can help college students:

We offer shop and technical classes that you may not be able to get into. Plus with membership, we offer the ability to come in and use the equipment. We don’t teach the history of the work we just teach you how to do it and do it safely.

How we can help high school students:

We offer a wide arrange of classes most of which schools don’t offer. Get you started to head out into the workforce by training you with hands on skills. Gives you options to have a decent job if college isn’t what you are looking for. We understand that college is not for everyone. The only thing we ask is that a parent/guardian is with you while you are in the Facility for insurance liabilities. We have evening and weekend classes so not to interfere with your high school education.

How can we help the general public:

If you like to make things be it with wood, metal, computers, plastics, robotics, or if you are just looking for more training to make yourself a little bit more desirable in the workforce then we are the place for you. Our cost is relatively cheap compared to going to college classes and easier to get into.  We offer classes throughout the day to make it more accessible to you. Plus our facility is open; so with membership, you can come in and work on your projects (provided you have taken the classes to get access to the equipment and tools you want to use).
1635 Spruce Street, Riverside, CA 92507
951-266-6630 or 951-275-5350
Current Hours (during class development): Daily 11am until 7pm
Regular hours will be: 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm
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