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A note from the founder: Connie Beale
The experience of cooking is an integral part of my life which provides a fundamental way to connect with my children and with the generations of my family. The kitchen is the most comfortable and nourishing place in my home. Cooking with my family has enriched my life so much, that I decided to share my love for cooking and culinary knowledge with others. Co…oking 101 is an innovative concept in cooking classes, which I developed to inspire. It is the perfect recipe for showing everyone that cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative, rewarding, and sometimes quite surprising. With obesity on the rise, due to pre-packaged and fast foods loaded with preservatives and hormones, there is no better gift you can give your family, than a healthy delicious home cooked meal.
The kitchen is the pulse of the home… where we learn about life and each other. Cooking 101 nourishes those values and gives you an innovative environment to thrive.
Cooking 101 is the place where ‘What if’ collides with ‘Look at This’, and create ‘Delicious’!

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