Are you a fan of the new IHOb?

Known as the International House of Pancakes or IHOP for as long as anyone can remember the popular all day breakfast chain decided to flip the last letter in their name and leave everyone guessing until today on what the new letter will mean? Spoiler Alert the b stands for Burger!!!!

Many thought this change would still have something to do with Breakfast so the guesses were Bacon (a popular ingredient in almost any dish) and Brunch (a popular spin on an all day breakfast restaurant) were the top guesses. All were wrong as the marketing team over at IHOP played with the name change to launch the new burger offerings. The burgers look pretty cool and IHOP is sweetening the deal with adding a drink and bottomless fries to the new offering.

big brunch

On IHOP’s website they are offering up 8 different burgers and one does offer a little bit of breakfast flair it is called the BIG BRUNCH. This burger is called the big brunch because it offers the all to famous sunny side egg with bacon. When pressed about the name change the team over at IHOP said that the name change is simply a temporary thing to showcase the new menu offerings.

Places like Wendy’s took notice of the announcement and sent a tongue and cheek tweet out to IHOb:

wendys tweet


So what do you think of the change that IHOP made? Are you ready to dive into a burger at a place that made a name for themselves with pancakes?

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