Shero Comics Brings New Blood into the Comic Book World!

For decades, in the world of film and comics, the female voice has gone missing – silenced even. Women have been relegated to being the sidekick, the girlfriend…the afterthought.

Growing tired of being ignored, growing tired of countless panel discussions, growing tired of waiting…for inclusion, Shero Comics created their own universe – the universe of the Shero.

In this universe, the woman is Alpha! In this universe, the woman is Omega! In this universe, the woman is Almighty!

Men are welcomed into our universe with open arms and often play a major role in our narratives. However, it is our goal to explore, acknowledge and provide intriguing stories from the female perspective, featuring female protagonists.

They seek to set forth a movement that will help fill the void that has failed women in film and comics for far too long. So, whether you are male, female, or somewhere in between, they encourage you to crossover into the Shero Universe. A not so far away place where PINK IS POWER!


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