Sensory Sunday at Just Play Adventure Park

Sensory Sunday at Just Play Adventure Park


Sensory Sunday is an All AgesAll Disabilities Day of fun and information for the whole family. We hope this will be the start of many events that will not only raise awareness for all disabilities, but help many families get much needed resources.

Sensory Sunday will Kick-off August 12th and will continue to be held on the 2nd Sunday of every month hereafter. We will have games, raffles, vendors, food, prizes, information sessions, and the best part’s Free Admission!

Yes, Free Admission to the persons with disabilities and their immediate family. All others may attend at a dramatically reduced rate. Regitration IS required because space is limited. Everyone must complete the online waver to participate.

**Please note: Just Play is aware of the difficulties caregivers face when taking our loved ones out for the day, and is making special accomodations on Sensory Sundays. There will be an adult changing room availabe for those who need it, food for those with dietary restrictions, sound and lighting adjustments as needed. If you have any other concers, please feel free to call. (909) 689-0620